TTBA: a Blake's 7 anthology zine from Tavia

Winner of FanQ Award (2002) for Best Slash Zine; Penny Dreadful's story 'The Killer of Dole Nu Lin' also won an award for the Best Gen Story.

TTBA features an eclectic mix of fiction by established writers as well as some excellent newer ones. TTBA includes thought-provoking stories addressing serious themes, with a particular focus on those that cross boundaries of genre or category.

Fiction by Nickey Barnard, Belatrix Carter, Susan Cutter, Penny Dreadful, Executrix, Firerose, Hades, Hafren, Ika, Jackie, Jenner, Una McCormack, Morrigan, Nova, Judith Proctor & Airan Wilkinson. Art by Val Westall (cover), Penny Dreadful and Firerose.



TTBA is now out of print; several of its stories are archived or linked below. Some of the linked stories are adult, and may contain strong language, violence or sexual situations (including same-sex) without further warning; please do not read unless you are over the legal age of majority where you live. The characters and settings of Blake's 7 belong to the BBC, the estate of the late Terry Nation and others. The fiction archived here was written out of love for the series; no profit is being made.

Conceptually Alien by Tavia

The Seven Deadly Virtues by Belatrix Carter
Seven bittersweet shorts, each focusing on one of the first season crew

The Last Days of Roj Blake by Una McCormack
The President has been deposed, the Administration lies in ruins. But the fighting isn't over yet...

Awake and Find No by Ika
After Auron, Servalan plans revenge...

Courage? by Nickey Barnard
Vila remembers Gauda Prime

The Killer of Dole Nu Lin by Penny Dreadful (linked from here)
A futuristic fairy story, told from the point of view of a mutoid on Travis' ship

Not Our Kind, Darling by Executrix
The adventures of Kerry Avon -- an early chapter in the Executrix Avoniad

Four Years After the Revolution (I was looking for a job and then...) by Ika
An AU where the destruction of Star One went as planned

Benediction by Morrigan
Betrayal after betrayal have left Blake bitter and cynical. Can he learn to trust again?

Purple Haze by Executrix
A delicious series of interlinked shorts. 'An iron fist in a velvet glove' (Una McCormack)

All the Gin Joints by Executrix
A chance encounter with an old lover brings matters on the Liberator to a head

Privilege by Susan Cutter
A naive teenager dreams of becoming a space captain (Graphic adult)

Nightmare by Jenner
Sex, love and addiction...

Ghost in the Machine by Jackie
Avon and Orac conspire to win a competition, but their discussions have far-reaching consequences...

Inga by Judith Proctor
Blake visits his uncle on Exbar and learns more than just how to cook rabbit

Before the Fall... by Airan Wilkinson
Blake lies a prisoner, at the point of death, when he's given another chance -- an allegory

Ash Wednesday by Firerose
After the events on Gauda Prime, a shell-shocked Avon is stranded on a primitive agricultural planet, survival his only priority. But nothing on Encatrin is quite as it seems...

Some Questions Best Unanswered by Firerose
A short prequel to Ash Wednesday

Hombres. Sailors. Comrades. by Ika
Dayna's injury on a supposedly straightforward mission disturbs the fragile balance of the Scorpio crew

Take My Breath Away by Executrix
A young FSA cadet needs extra tuition...

The Sleep of the Dead by Hades
Crash-landing on an unidentified planet leads Tarrant to reassess his loyalties

Obituary: Roj Blake by Ika
An extract from the Terran Star of 27-10-23

Fetch by Hafren
What is the strange voice that Avon keeps hearing?

Unfinished Business by Nova
Six weeks have passed since Scorpio crashed on Gauda Prime, and everyone is living happily ever after... well, nearly everyone...



All reviews are based on the printzine.

Review by Una McCormack

Review by Ika

Review by Penny Dreadful

Mini-review by Sondra Sweigman

Mini-review by Hafren


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